Connect Pts in Respective Lists and Find Mid Pt

Hello Dynamo Family:

I am not new to visual programming but new to dynamo language so please bare with me. I have a rather easy problem I need help on. Say I have several branches or main Lists which each respectively have a list of points. In this image example, there are two main lists with points inside each list. What would be the best way to find and create a midpoint between each respective list of points? Fundamentally, I know what needs to be done…for example creating a line for each list of points and finding the center point or even mathematically combining each list of x,y,z coordinates and finding the middle. However, I do not know which components to use to get there, especially to treat this for a grated list of things. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

Please can you post your progress so far (dyn) and a sample of points data.
You will probably need to use Line.ByStartPointEndPoint and Curve.Midpoint

Something like this

Not quite what I was looking for @Andrew_Hannell but thank you nevertheless!
@Kulkul Thank you, your method makes sense. I was also looking into best fit but felt it would be a little less accurate once you got into a list of several points, but for planar/straight list of points I suppose it works. Thank you family!