Conditional filtering of list (wall length, wall area parameter)

I am trying to figure out conditional filtering of lists, but I am having some difficulties grasping the logic part of it. The situation is as follows:

I have a list of walls of which I get the parameter values of Area and Length (in the image below height is also included but can be ignored)

I transposed these lists to get a list of walls with their respective area (index item 0), (height), and length (index item 2). Now the following condition has to apply:

IF Length 15000 : TRUE,

IF Length 15000 AND Area 100: TRUE

ELSE: False

How can I do this in Dynamo? It is my intention that the list items and NOT the sublist items receive the TRUE or FALSE designation.

Thank you again, community!

You can use formula node also.

You can create the filter boolean mask without transposing…

Hope this conveys the idea…

Thank you Vikram, that looks like a very clean solution! In the meantime I came up with the solution as seen in the image below. It does the same trick but is a little bit more elaborate/complicated. I would prefer your method if not for my own effort, lol. Thanks, yet again!

And here is the formula solution:

Kulkul, Your formula works with the values considered. But a more accurate formula would be…


If you have a second would you be able to explain the difference between the 2 different ways in the picture bellow.

One is the way you have shown above and the other is using the && node.

Never mind I figured it out. (a<=100&&b>=100) is passing a true only if both are true other wise false. a>=100 passes true only if a is greater than 100. Then the absolute in the middle is the last one to calculate and will pass true if ether the (a<=100&&b>=100) or a>=100 are true.

Thanks for the definition.

I also like Kulkul’s because it is if any are true. That comes in handy some times.