Concatenating values from sublist


I would like to concatenate the values from sublists (of varying length) into a single value.
I have tried various list nodes (slice,chop,flatten)- the below is as close as I can get.

In the below example, I would like to concatenate values from sublist[0] to be “FIRE PIPEWORK, FRP”
Likewise, sublist[1] to be “HANG DOORS, FRP, SHEET WALLS, STRIP”

thank you in advance

To answer my own question:

Since the data source is an SQL database, I can create a query for the grouping/concatenation- refer below.

But if anyone has an idea to achieve the same in Dynamo, I would be interested to know how to do this.



thank you

easy when you know how…


Just like everything in life.

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Story so far of my Dynamo life. Luckily it keeps it exciting. My approach to Dynamo is, it’s sort of a cure for cancer. I started with it at the “seek and destroy” level of data manipulation, but now I’m getting closer toward laser surgery with my scripts. About every few days I run across a new node I’ve never used and get blown away at what I can do with it!

It’s a struggle, but one with a good payoff at the end toward automation!

please package name

please package name

Are you looking for String.Join @hmidahbb? If so, this is out-of-the-box functionality :slight_smile:

The Code Block is also out-of-the-box!

i mean query node

Ah, then I’m unsure of what package that one’s from… @Andrew_Hannell do you happen to remember :smiley: ?

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@hmidahbb it’s from slingshot package.


thanks a lot