Concatenate items of two lists into one combined list with a separator

Dear all, I have the following two lists:

---- 0 List
-------- 0 A
-------- 1 B
-------- 2 C

---- 0 List
-------- 0 X
-------- 1 Y
-------- 2 Z

I’d like to generate one single list from these two lists, combining the values with a “-” separator. The result should the following single list:

---- 0 List
-------- 0 A-X
-------- 1 B-Y
-------- 2 C-Z

Can someone point me in the right direction? Thank you.

Hello @bmoreira …probably many ways here is one rough way…


Thanks for the help, showed me how to do interesting things with strings. Still … it seems that this can be done simply by using the “+” action!

Not sure what you mean isnt what i show or do you have a better way then please show it…btw if my solution fit you then mark it …

Hello, here’s a simpler what that did what I needed!

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Allright thats great :slight_smile: btw think i misundersttod what you really want


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Yes, it was not completely clear. But still thanks for your example as it showed other things that are handy as well!