Comparing two lists & extracting the non similarity

Last question in regards to this script… I promise!

So I’ve finally managed to sort out all the parameters that need to be filtered into each space.
However I want to get the “left over” spaces and apply a parameter to that space to say “No Heating Equipment in Space”

So basically I need to compare all the spaces used in the picture below with a list of all the spaces in the project and find extract the ones not used. In the case of the image below, Element ID 16819035 isn’t used, so I want to isolate that (and any others) and do a set parameter on them.

Any ideas?
Sorry for the questions, but I don’t have long left to finish this script and I want it done.

Also as a side note: in case it’s an easy answer, how do you force the order of nodes?

Thanks in advance.

Hi @Vykr,

Here is one example of finding differences in lists…


Oh gee, how did I miss that…


Yeah, it’s a great little node. Check out the SetIntersection and SetUnion nodes too.