Compare list of xy coordinates

i create a graph that compare between 2 lists of coordinates, i want to get a result if x>y of the point ,
it seems that the node doesn’t check every x and y , i got invalid result.
i tried to modify lasing but still get same invalid result.

Hi @rinag

Why did you place the Math.Abs.

Remove those nodes because it removing the Sign to that list of numbers.

try without “Math.Abs”

i need this compare with Abs values

Then the Results from the Node " > " are Right !

None of the Output from Point.X is Greater than Output from Point.Y.
I think its clear!!!

Can you tell me what the exact output you are expecting from that graph?

Maybe you can use DS?

x>y? true: false;

oh i should calculate the length and then compare

The length? I’m not sure what you are after then :slight_smile:

I thought you wanted to compare x/y values? But as @mrathnakar states, the values you have in the OP, the x-values are clearly less then the y-values, when you use absolute values.

Could you try to explain what your end goal is?

sorry for confusion .
i want to know the rebar direction (x or y ) by check bounding box and compare length in x/y direction

Try with “Element.Location” to get the rebar curve.

and get the direction of those curves and compare it with any of directions X or Y.

Thanks the issue is floor reinforcement include set of bars and it will be many curves, is there a way to get only one bar of the set?

Can you please show the image of those Bar sets!

so that i can think of the solution!

It sounds like you’re wanting to know if the rebar is more horizontal or more vertical which would require the length, yes. You’ll have to get the min and max point of the boundingbox and convert that to a length to compare.