Compare each element of listA with all elements of listB: DesignScript and Python

Hey guys,

I want to compare each element of one list to all elements of a second list.
In Python I could write:

for i in listA
if i in listB:
"do this"
“do this”

is there and equivalent in DesignScript for “if i in listB”?

Any help is much appreciated.:grinning:

Thank you.

Looking for something like this?

for loops are also possible in Imperative code blocks.


as Vikram said :


Similar to what @Mostafa_El_Ayoubi has shown, but without defining a function …

x = [Imperative]
a = 1..3;
b = {2,2,3,1};

c = 0;
z = {};

for (i in a)
	d = 0;
	for (j in b)
		if (j == i)
			z[c][d] = "ABCD";
			d = d+1;
			z[c][d] = "wxyz";
			d = d+1;
	c = c+1;
return = z;
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@ Mostafa. That’s what I was looking for :smiley:. Thanks a lot :smiley::smiley: