Combine two list with nulls into one new list without nulls and keep the index

Hi everyone!

I’m using the Package from Clockwork to get in which rooms are all the windows.
The problem is, I obtain two list (fromRoom and toRoom) with nulls.
I want to combine those two list in one and to keep the index of each Element.
The result should be:
0 - Room 1060623
1 - Room 1060626
2 - Room 1060629
3 - Room 1060632
4 - Room 1060608
5 - Room 1060611


Thank you!

Is this what you are looking for?

Otherwise you can use transpose to take one of each. Like this.

Hi @johnnybravo,

yeah! I thought it was more complicated! But that solution is perfect!

Thank you very much!

PS: I used a FilterByBoolMask to remove the nulls and done! Thanks!

A simple If statement will get you what you want.


Definitely there are simpler ways than this! Glad I could help out. Please tick as solution if it worked for you.