Combine three parameters into one with different separators

I’m trying to use two different separators to combine three parameters into one. I only managed to do it with one type of separator.

Para1: XXXX
Para2: YYYY
Para3: ZZZZ

What i’m trying to do is XXXX-YYYY/ZZZZ.


Tried this but when YYYY and ZZZZ value is empty I do not want the separators to copied over. Is there a way to do this?

@zoohillme You can use conditionals in a Code Block

_a!="" && _b!="" && _c!="" ? _a + "-" + _b + "/" + _c :
_b!="" ? _a + "/" + _c:
_c!="" ? _a + "-" + _b:

i don’t know what i do wrong. See below image.

Try taking out the List.Transpose block.


Thank you!! This also solved the problem I had with combining the parameters.

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