Column Numbering script assigns tag randomly

Hello all,

I am trying to generate a script to assign column number from Left to right & top to bottom.
I have already searched for same topic and found few posts which helped me a lot.
But now i am facing an error. tags get assigned randomly.

any help?

attaching snaps for reference

Hi @pari2105
Store locations points with Data.remember node. Share your dynamo file.

@pari2105 ,

check out this topic…

Column & Foundation Number-PT.dyn (68.4 KB)
Hello @Vladimir, Sorry for delayed reply. Please find attached dynamo script.

Hello @Draxl_Andreas , I read that post but I am not able to understand it well.
Can anyone please guide me on this?
i have attached script here as well. What i want is to assign column tags left to right and top to bottom.