Column location mark- columns partially on grid

This issue may not be related to dynamo, but since there few posts about column location mark, I thought of posting it.

Refer this screenshot. For the columns which are partially on grid, the Column location mark doesn’t show the distance of its location (Location of center from grids). Is there a way to change this?

Would need the RVT file and the dyn you’re using to set the shared parameter to help here.

Actually I haven’t made any dynamo script as yet. Revit file is attached here.trial.rvt (3.5 MB)

How are you setting the parameter value then?

I think it is inbuilt in revit. You can add the field directly from family. You can also use it in scheduling.

Ok. I’ll try and look into this tomorrow. Battery’s out so no more laptop tonight. :frowning:

Hi. Could you check this?