Colour CW panel by area


I am trying to colour CW panels by area, not sure what I am missing:

You’re not supplying the element…

Now its colouring

them all

I’d guess that you’re not filtering your panels now. I can’t confirm as your screenshot isn’t legible. Zoom into a small group of nodes and use the image export tool (upper right corner, the button that looks like a camera). I promise it will export the entire canvas, including the nodes offscreen.

I got it to work as in to color the panels, but the its not respecting the value of set area, and instead colors all panels.

All your elements are failing the condition. You have nothing in the “in” list and everything in “out”.
List.Clean is also removing values but not the elements associated with them so you have mismatched lists for your filter.

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Thanks to all, Its working now.

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