Area of curtain grid cell

Hello everyone,

I need to get the area of each curtain grid cell.
For the category “Curtain Panel” I can get a “gross” contour, but for the categories “Doors” or “Windows” it does not work. Is it possible to get the “gross” boundaries (not reduced by mullions) of these elements? Maybe there is another way to get the area?

Please help!

CW cell area dynforum-R19.rvt (1.5 MB)
CurtainPanelsBoundaries-D2.dyn (35.5 KB)

Width and height should report for windows and doors.

Check the element’s area value, if it’s not blank (an empty string) then return the area, otherwise return the width * the height.

The area of ​​the inserted door is smaller than the area of ​​the cell into which this door is inserted, because of the mullions. I need exactly the area of ​​the cell.

Thanks for the tip

Might be able to work with the grid’s geometry directly then. I believe that clockwork has some nodes for this.

I tried to go in this direction, everything becomes too complicated for my level of knowledge. For example, it is necessary to somehow find and fill empty cells and at the same time check whether this is not a wall profile.

I wonder why “CurtainPanel.Boundaries” doesn’t work with curtain doors or windows :man_shrugging:

Could you temporarily change / delete all the mullions, calculate and then change / roll back the mullions? This would leave you panels with full size I think.

Thanks SeanP, it sounds scary, not to mention the implementation :grinning:
I cannot delete or change mullions, due to annotations.

So far, I see one solution - change the category of “Doors” and “Windows” to “Curtain Panel”.

That’s a pretty genius idea actually - set it as a curtain panel, get the data, move it and the element ID or GUID into a CSV, and then undo in Revit to put everything back to where it was before… You could then pull the data back into the panel in a second graph.

What about taking the boundaries you already have from the panels, doors, or windows and just offsetting the boundary by half of the mullion width?

Maybe something like this?

Yes, but curtain doors and windows do not report supporting mullions :confused: and it is possible that the adjacent mullions may have a different size, so I decided to look for a more reliable way :thinking:

Thank you, JacobSmall :smiley:
It’s good that when replacing panel types, the values of custom parameters remain - this simplifies the task a little.