Color and Sorting

I have tried hundreds of combinations of nodes and wires from reading other posts, but I am getting nowhere but pissed off
I want to sort rooms first, then set a color override for them. A jumbled mess of trial and error is below.Color%20%26%20Sorting

What are you trying to sort rooms by?

Right now the script is looking for rooms of a certain size. I want to color override the (9) rooms found in the green group under COUNT FALSE

The entire green group should come ahead of the orange, but I can’t get my wire connections to work properly. This is usually a Boolean mask from what I have seen by others.

That’s exactly what you need. Apply a boolean mask to your room elements with the mask from <= 900. This will group your rooms by whether the pass or fail the condition. Then you can apply color overrides to those that failed.

All of my previous attempts with that exact node have failed, can you set my wiring connections straight?

Output from All Elements of Category goes into list. Output from <= goes into mask.

Working now, originally it was still coloring all of the rooms


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