Collecting the doors inside the model group Python

I’m using this dynamo to numbering the door with the same number of room , my question is is there is any way to get the door instances inside the group using python(in the same code block) , can you check the image below

why you close the previous topic!!!
it’s not solved ,
if you check the image you will see clearly I selected all the doors in the project including the doors inside the group, then how I can select the doors inside the group again and combine it with selected doors
my Question related to the same topic (but another way of thinking of trying to solve it)

@de_tarek2 Check the screenshot below. You marked before as solved and also your first question doesn’t match with your second question. One question at one topic. Hope that make sense?

that was a mistake honestly, it’s not working I tried for the last 2 days to combine it but it’s not working
as I always mentioned before I’m still a beginner in dynamo because of this maybe it’s not working with me ,
that doesn’t bother me at all but let’s solve in a proper way

Does your group contains other elements other than doors?

Don’t worry :slight_smile: we will solve your issue. Are you trying to sort doors inside groups?

okay , Thanks a lot

can you check the image, the is the dynamo to renumber the doors with the same number of room but because I have doors inside groups I need to ungroup it ( the group has a lot of elements other than doors) so how I can select all the doors in this level including the doors inside the groups
(i have more than 10 groups in each level)

@de_tarek2 Check the below graph and let me know if this helps you.

Here is DYN script Door in Group.dyn (11.7 KB)

Thanks a lot man ,
the first thing i removed the (list.clean Node) because i need to collect all the doors in or out groups is it right ??
the second thing i built it but still ask me to ungroup them when i run it , find the dynamo DOORWITHROOMTARIQ-01,-02.dyn (13.8 KB)

Could you upload your image again clearly showing error message?

@de_tarek2 Try using Code Block.

Can you show me the full Script please , i think I’m doing something wrong

I appreciare all of yours effort man , but it’s still the same I don’t know what’s wrong

Don’t Set Parameters for now. Remove connectors for SetParameter node. First solve get parameter.

I tried this Script in another project it does work in the perfect way with groups . but when I copy this groups to different levels then it’s not working
which I think this is because at each level we have a unique number for each room which is also different on different floors,so if the door inside the group this door will have the same number through all the floors, that’s wrong because we have a diferent number for each room

@de_tarek2 Could you drop your dummy rvt file?

dynamo test.rvt (2.8 MB)