Cogo point label direction

Hi All,
I`m new as a Dynamo user. I have several objects in drawing: COGO Points and polylines/feature lines.
The coordinates of the polyline’s points match with COGO Points location.
As you know there is a possibility to rotate COGO Point Label using handles - you need to hover the mouse cursor and just wait.
Is it possible using Dynamo automatically rotate COGO Points and/or COGO Points Labels and get rotation angle similar to previous/next to points segment’s direction?
For example I did it manually (I rotated COGO Points and COGO Points Labels together to direction of previous polyline’s segment’s direction). Start of polyline is on left side.

Hope that it is possible. Thanks in advance.

Any suggestions?

Hi @Egorka

Is this what you’re trying to get?

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How on earth do you know that :open_mouth:?
You’re amazing!


I’m just trying to help/support @Paolo_Emilio_Serra1.