Code Block - Simple Lists Syntax

what it the right syntax to get simple list with the same amount of levels? Example below. Cheers,

If you want a list with an unique level :
0..5; is sufficient.

If you want a nested list :

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it is a helpful for you.

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Thanks Guys, but what if I wanted to have them as sub-lists of the same list ?

You can always use DSCore.List.Flatten Node, and set it to correct level and amount.

Possible ugly alternative

You’re adding an extra level that you may not need.

In pre 2.x format: {1..3,{1,2,3}};
In 2.x format: ‘[1…3,[1,2,3]];’

The design script range n..m automatically generates the result as a 2d list, so those numbers don’t need to be in the wrappers.

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Great! Many Thanks.