COBie.Component.Space parameter

Hi all,

I have a problem in that I need to start producing COBie data for any new projects am working on. So far I have managed to get most of the COBie extension plugin working for most of the fields.

However one issue I have is the COBie.Component.Space parameter is null and I need that to contain the room number that that component lives in. This is where I think Dynamo may be able to help.

Is there a way Dynamo can produce a components schedule by room and then copy and paste the room number field into the COBie.Component.Space field?

I can easily copy parameter data from one field to another using Dynamo but is there a way to loop the code so that it does this for each room in the model.

Many thanks in advance and apologies for any stupid questions.

Never used Dynamo before so python is all new to me.

There are few threads on this topic that could give you a first idea of what is possible:

Searching for elements in room should also help here.

No need for Dynamo here, just activate the Room Calculation point within the families and you will have the rooms/spaces correctly mapped to your elements. You might have to check some wall/ceiling based components to see if the calculation point is not picking up the wrong space: e.g. a camera mounted to a ceiling should be picking the room below and not the services space above the ceiling.

You can then schedule the rooms and spaces and map them to your COBie export.