Clear Story Height

Has anyone used Dynamo to obtain the clear story height in Revit? I am looking at trying to Dynamo to calculate the clear story and input the result to a already existent parameter. I have done a quick google search and have not seen anything, and I am not exactly sure where to start. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

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If can select the elements then you could try something like this:

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How I would script this depends entirely on how your model is built. There are certainly many ways to skin this cat:

  1. The geometry distance method as shown above.

  2. Get the level to level distances and subtract the thickness of the slab on the level above

  3. If you’ve placed rooms and have volumetric calculations enabled with the correct height you could the room with the largest area (assuming this wouldn’t be a stairwell) on each level and pull it’s height.

  4. If you have something other than slabs going on you could ray trace test it based on the normal of the floor with the largest area.

  5. You could create a ray at a point in the building, constrain that to the bounding box of the building and then remove the geometry of the floors from it via a difference node.

There are more but of those five you can likely find one which works for you.

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