Clash Detection Using Dynamo/Revit

Hey Dynamo Community,

I’ve recently come across the following clash detection video on autodesks website, but it is extremely vague, and doesnt really give a tutorial for first timers (it kind of assumes you have anything set up already/have used it before). The video is below;

I am curious of 2 things…

  1. Does anyone have the XML map known as exchange_Map/know where to download it as seen in the video (found at 0:52-1:37)?

  2. Does anyone have the Dynamo project that he is using for this (found at 1:42-2:46) or know where I can access it? I’m kind of new to dynamo and I’m not sure I can recreate that :frowning:

The ability to view clashes as seen in this video would be a HUGE time saver as I can instantly port over to the clash within Revit and fix it in real time 3D, rather than having to locate the floor/gridlines the clash is on, then cut sections/create 3D views to fix the issue.

Thanks in advance for your help :slight_smile:
Robert Allan

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@RAllan, the link you provided doesn’t seem to work - ‘Page not found’.
I’m not sure that this is what you’re looking for, but have a look at AU class by @Dieter_Vermeulen (CS21553: Construction Dynam(o)ite—Explode Productivity with Dynamo).

Very weird Zhukoven, here is the link again, and hopefully this works:

Also, the tutorial you presents assumes that I have Naviswork installed. Currently, my company doesnt use Navisworks, so I am only able to work with .xml files that I receive from the coordination guy. I have managed to complete question #1 in that I was able to create a map using the .xml, and get it to look like his. Now just working on my Dynamo project/revit sphere family

After doing some more work using the video above, I was able to create a dynamo project to replicate what he has on his dynamo project, as well as the excel file which plugs into it. My problem now is that I get errors throughout the project even though everything is just as he has it (files attached through a google drive zip).

If anyone has the time to look through these it would be much appreciated, I dont know where I am going wrong in my Dynamo project.

Zip file contains:

  1. "Project - To Open" - This is the Revit file you will open with 2 pre-set clashes
  2. “Project - To Link” - This is the Revit file you will reload as a link to the above file
  3. “Generic_Models-Clash_Sphere” - This is the transparent clash sphere as shown in the above tutorial video
  4. “Clash Detection Workspace.dyn” - This is the dynamo workspace I have created as per the above tutorial
  5. “XML-base” - This is the excel document that you open on the very first node within dynamo (this has the clashes from the above revit models as per the video tutorial).

Hopefully I can get some help on this as it has really stumped me. I’ve done everything the video said, yet I’m still getting errors :frowning:

Thanks in advance,

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Hi Rob

Could you either post details of the Dynamo errors you are getting (best option) or make that Google drive link public.

I (independently) came up with a similar approach to Dieter, but instead of using Excel to convert the XML, I used a tool called Pentaho. Once it is set up, it is a one-click operation to covert multiple XML files into nice tabular data ready for Dynamo.

Dynaworks is also an option.

These posts cover some parts of it:


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Hey Andrew,

Thanks for your help with the links. Since my last post, I was able to get my dynamo workspace running perfectly. My clash sphere now appears right where the clash is at, and everything seems to be running perfectly on multiple test projects. I have just saved myself HOURS of time on future clash projects as the sphere can be scheduled, then highlighted in model for quick viewing of clash. Cannot believe I never dipped into Dynamo before, I’m curious to research more on how it can speed up other processes!!!

In order to clean up the chat, I have created a new topic with the last question I have regarding clash detection within Dynamo. If I can get this question solved, I believe my troubles are over when it comes to coordination of clashes! :slight_smile: (Clash Sphere Data Question)

Hi everyone,

For my work of end of studies, I have to do a Revit model and then modify it with Dynamo.
I contact you because I am very interested in the clash detection program.

I still get errors when I run the schedule with the node String.ToNumber. I think the schedule does not recognize the Excel’s cells format.
Do you have an idea of why? What can I do to solve this?
I’ve tried to change manually the format but it goes wrong again.

I know this forum was made two years ago but I try anyway.

Thank you very much,


Would you please send the link again?