Civil 3d Point Group by Description in Current dwg


yeah, I’ve done some testing with point above surface, which works. the only issue I had was if the point was not in the boundary of the surface, in the old days, vb net the points I believe had an exception, so you could select all points. that’s why I had asked in this tread about getting points inside a polyline, because I had no idea how to clear the if point was not on surface thru dynamo.

For someone who makes or samples airports surfaces hundreds a time a year, it would be wonderful If you can add multiple surface. additionally, adding some way to manage the points or points database as well as the intercept approach surface with points and groups of points to display clearing limits that could be controlled by sliding an approach surface to see the resulting impact. From a planning aspect
being able view the impact of mitigating the result back to the runway would be a homerun, say you have trees, buildings, and ground penetrations to an approach, having the ability to slide the approach back to the runway, to show what displacement might occur depending on what is possible to be mitigated, if trees are the only things that can be mitigated, what does that do to the possible runway displacement.

finding the most controlling object in an approach with thousands points is a huge effort.
also adding some function to show the highest point in like 100 feet in an area (polyline) that penetrates the surface would be another homerun.

good luck

Samir Rezk, below might be a good source?

Solved: Sort points in relationship to 3D surface - Autodesk Community - Civil 3D

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