Civil 3D Filter List of Pipes and Pressure Pipes by Selection

JJH_FilterPipes&PressurePipes.dyn (15.6 KB)

I have a graph that I am attempting to filter a list of pipes and pressure pipes based on selection that the user inputs. However, I am having trouble getting the list of pipes to filter. What am I missing here?

Hi @hestingjj,

there is missing details in your request,

  1. please provide the details like what are the conditioned based on which you want to filter pipers which can be a input for boolmask node.
  2. Selection node is already selecting the pipe and pressure pipe as per user input then this can be directly used so not clear why you need to filter them again.

So on Friday when I uploaded this graph I was able to select Pipe and Pressure Pipe from the Object Types node. Additionally, after selecting a pipe or pressure pipe in Civil 3D using the Select Objects node, the node returned either Pipe or Pressure Pipe (whatever was selected).

Now when I open it up this morning, Pipe and Pressure Pipe no longer show up in the Object Types drop down list (the list has significantly less objects) and the Select Objects node returns “Civil Object” instead of pipe or pressure pipe.

Has anyone ever had anything like this happen? I can’t figure out what is going on.


Add a DocumentExtensions.AddNewTypes node to the graph.

Thanks for the tip that was a big help. The goal for this graph is to:

  1. Use the select objects node to select both pipes and pressure pipes (Generate’s a list of selected pipes and pressure pipes)
  2. Break the initial list of pipes and pressure pipes into two lists. One containing the selected pipes and one containing the selected pressure pipes.

After selection, what is the best way to obtain the two sub-lists?

JJH_FilterPipes&PressurePipes.dyn (10.9 KB)

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