Choose legend for each sheet created with add-in

I have created an add-in that allows us to create sheets and views from the scope boxes in a Revit model. This add-in will also place a legend on each sheet. However the issue is that you can only select one legend and then that will be put on all of the sheets. Is there a way for it to prompt users for each sheet and allow them to select a legend for each sheet? Or is there a way to make an input for each legend per sheet? I am struggling to find a way to do this. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

I think you need to decide how you want to handle legend selection first. It seems likely that different types of sheets would have standard legends. In that case, it makes sense to map each legend to a sheet ahead of time. If you really do need to manually select a legend for each sheet you can do that as well, but this is a lot of “manual” input for the user.

My users seemed like they would be okay with the additional inputs. From what I have been told it sounds like each sheet would have a different legend because we put keynotes in our legends and those vary based on sheet. What would be the best set of nodes to use to prompt for this input?

In Dynamo - one of your only options is Data-Shapes. You need input dialog forms.
Outside of that - you can use the forms in pyRevit. My preference. Or on the extreme end you could use Windows Presentation Foundation forms.

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Definitely Data-Shapes, as @aaronrumple mentioned. If you’re using actual keynotes then they would already be filtered by sheet, so no need to specify specific legends. If legends themselves have specific plan notes in additional to the sheet keynotes (or you aren’t actually tagging keynotes) then it still seems like you could automate the placement of those sheet specific legends.

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