Check all walls in a model for disallowed joins

Hi all, I would like to check my model for any walls that have disallowed joins, the main reason for doing this is because ideally, I would like as few as possible and want to check that the ones that are disallowed are necessary.

Does anyone know of any packages or resources to build a python script for doing this?

have you searched the forums for anything on this yet? have you tried anything?

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Good question, potentially i was just looking for a package that might contain a node that had a boolean output.

Everything I have found pertains to either allowing or disallowing joins and not finding out if they are in fact either of those things.

Is wall Joined.dyn (14.6 KB)

I have emailed David the creator if this node that I cannot get to work.

Figured it out

If anyone wants to do this and stumbles on this thread please follow the below link for help, and use the dynamo script to do what I was trying to do.

Cheers for replying Tom

Is wall Joined.dyn (9.5 KB)