Changing a family from column category to foundation category

We have thousands of piles modeled as column category family instances. But as per client standards the category should have been Foundation. We modeled piles as columns earlier because it was easier to adjust the top and bottom as per the project levels. But now since it is already modeled, is there any package or node to convert column category to foundation category without disturbing the parameter values in the family?

  1. Change the Category in Family file, save a copy of the file using a different name and load it into the project

  2. Use the below Dynamo workflow after making the required changes to Family Types

    3.Delete the old family type from the Revit project.

Frankly, you don’t need Dynamo to do this. You may not even need to save the family to a new name. Edit the family, change the category, reload, and overwrite.

You actually do, as on reloading the Family after changing the Category, Revit says it isn’t permitted.

Not sure about that… I just loaded a column, changed its category in the FE, and reloaded without a hitch. I have seen that before though so I’m not sure what the catch is/might be.

Well… there you have it. Revit is weird. One day it works, the next it doesn’t. It has its reasons but it doesn’t always tell us what they are!

@Greg_McDowell I got the same error as Vikram.

@Vinayak_Hanchate If you need to copy some of the parameters from the colum to the foundation, you could do something like this: (I really hope you only have straight piles )

changeCategoryOfFamily.dyn (10.5 KB)


Thank you Vikram for your response. This Idea is good, only worry is parameter values !!

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Hi Greg, I have already tried your suggested way but no luck. It just deletes all instances !

Yes this is what I was looking for !! Let me run this script and share the results ! Thank you Einar_Ranknes for the help !