Changes to Document.ActiveView node in Revit 2022

I used to have a script that would change the title of an active detail. I used the Document.Current node connected to the Document.ActiveView node to get the detail I wanted to change. But now in Revit 2022 and Dynamo version 2.12, these nodes only return the active sheet the detail is on, not the detail itself. Is there a new way to get the active view in dynamo 2.12?

Thank you!

Do you mean the active sheet and not the view itself, rather than the sheet itself? The active sheet and the sheet itself kinda sound like the same thing…

Hi yes, sorry about that. I have updated the post accordingly.

How many views are on your sheet? Do you click into your view before running the graph?

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Yeah, the Sheet is a View, too.

There can be between 5 and 25 views per sheet.

I do click into the view before running the script. It will still always return the sheet the view is on.

EDIT: I tried this in 2022 and it recognizes when the view is enabled. The Dynamo node will not automatically update though. Are you refreshing your graph after enabling the view?

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I will check that, thank you.

Yes, thou must click into the view first with a fresh graph. If that is a nuisance, it is possible to avoid that step entirely, but only if you have a way of knowing which view title that you would like to change.

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