Change yes/no instance parameter of objects using their elements id

Hello again,

I’m am trying to change the yes/no instance parameter called “Visible” in several objects in my revit model. I have an excel file containing a list element id numbers
of objects I wish to change.

Studying examples I thought I got it. I have the beginning and the end. I need help in the middle. Hopefully it’s an easy one…

Thanks in advance.

For doc there should be a node called current document in archi-lab and the Ids should take the number.

Hi Paul,

You need to connect “Current Document” from Archi-lab package to “Doc” in your “Id to Element”. See below example. Good Luck!

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John…Thank you.


Do you mind checking my graph. It’s exactly like yours but gets a null in “Id to Element”.

Test Yes-No

Flatten your list and use string to number to convert the data.


I think this is what you meant? What am I doing wrong?