Change text Case to Title case

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I have seen recent posts about changing text from UPPER to lower and vise vera. Although does anybody know if there is a node amending text from UPPER to Sentence Case. (first letter of word Caps)


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Thanks i just found this before you posted @Kulkul .

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Thank you for the response.

That isn’t Sentence Case or Note Case, that’s Title Case.

Is there something that will make the first letter of a text note a capital and the rest of the note in lower case?

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Thom K.

Hello Guys

Does this work for you?


Uhhh… yeah. That would be pretty much exactly it!


Thank you very much for the quick response!

Can this be applied to renaming family parameters in the family editor somehow?

If they are family parameters then yes the Orchid package can do this. If they are shared parameters then no, as this is tied into the parameter definition.