Change text Arrowhead to None



Good afternoon everyone… I’m working on creating a script that reads from excel to create different text types for expediting the template creation process. I’m able to make all the necessary updates and can change the arrow head to anything other than “none” using the image below ; however, I do not know how to go about setting it to none. Any thoughts?


Looks like you posted a screenshot for a ‘get’ section of code, not the set section of code. Can you share the dyn parts applicable to this portion of your effort?


Here is a portion of that work flow… I’m essentially getting info from excel … filtering a list of element types to find the arrowhead element type and using that as the value to set the parameter ; however, none is not something that shows up in the element type list so I’m not sure of an effective workaround.


Try using Element Id -1. Just a thought. May nuke your Revit. Worth a shot though.


Kill or cure!


As a follow up… I went back to looking at this and found a Springs node that would allow me to set a parameter to none. This did the trick.