Change package owner

Hi all,

I would like to change the owner of the package because im no longer able to keep it updated. Where can i submit my reqeust?

When i searched the forum @JacobSmall came up alot :smile:

you need to write this issue at Github --> PackageManagerClient

try to ping @ramramps there

See this link:

Which leads you to this link:

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@JacobSmall if you want to change ownership then you nedd to file it at the right project at dynamoDS, thats why I gave that address --> PackageManagerClient

file it as an issue and this will be take care of, most likely by @ramramps

I know that you can send an email to for deletion… however, I got help myself by using the PackageManagerClient/issues, by @ramramps… sending email didnt work that well, but that might have changed over the years… i dont know :slight_smile:

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