Change multiple families category

I’m trying to convert detail items into furniture families. Basically 2d detail components were used for a furniture layout (i know). I’m trying to open those families, pull their curves, convert them from 2d so they can paste into a new family. I guess I’d really need to pull the points and re-draw them.

There’s 17 floors of this nonsense!

New to Dynamo, any suggestions much appreciated

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Hi There,

Have you figured this out yet?
Similar to you, I’m trying to figure out how to do a bulk category change for numerous RFA files. This thread below is my starting point:

Will you please let me know what you figure out and I will do the same.


I’m now looking to work this out.
I currently have multiple families all with Generic Model categories. I need to change these to Furniture/Speciality Equipment. Apologies - new to Dynamo.


hi @chrbalm

please create a new thread for this one, the solution/suggestions provided here are a bit old I guess.


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