Change LevelType

i am failing to change a levels type! family the family = Level the Type = 1/4" Head i created another Type called Testparameters# according to Element.Parameters that should be correct. now i try to change the type from 1/4"Head to Test and fail: the error message is: Warning: FamilyType.ByFamilyNameAndTypeName operation failed. A family with the specified name, Level, could not be found in the document. any suggestions / experiences


Doesn’t replace, but alters the existing one. Might work for you.

levels vikram, thanks for your your reply. but i am not trying to alter the level’s symbol.

i want to change the line type of my level. as far as i understand the linetype / color is defined by the familytype.

in my sample i have to leveltypes.

one = level / red

the other = level / green.

the symbol remains the same.

Haven’t tried, but you could try changing the Line Pattern parameter

EDIT: The above suggestion won’t work.

why? not supported by api?

because manually it is easy!


You should be able to do this by using Element.SetParameterByName node and feeding in the element for the family type into the value. I do not think this is the work flow you are looking for, but I hope you get the idea.