Change Key Name Value in Key schedule with Dynamo

Hi everybody,

I’m trying to create a Key Schedule from an Excel File.
I’m almost done with it but I have a final issue I can’t solve.
As you can see on the picture, I would like to change the value in the KeyName column. By default, Revit use number. I would like my key cloumn to match my second column. For the exemple I made the four first row manually.


I really don’t know how to access this information to change it. It’s not attached to any element but it has to be somewhere in Revit database I guess …

Test codification.dyn (46.0 KB)

Thanks in advance !


Nathan, I’m trying to do the same thing. Did you ever get a solution to this?

Hi Allison,

I managed to do it with a very simple python script. It was not from me and I can’t find where I got it …
I don’t even remember why it’s working but I just tried it and it’s still functional … :slight_smile:

Please find attached the script with the python code. It’s place just before the Element.SetParameterByName at the end.

Test_Codification.dyn (55.2 KB)

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Thank you!