Change group name linked to GlobalParameters

Dear fellow Dynamo users,

This is my first topic on this forum, which has helped me loads of times.
I can’t find any topic that is related to my problem.

I have a project in which I have linked my floor sizes to global parameters.
When I want to create a larger/smaller floor, I simply select another global parameter. After selecting a global parameter I have to edit the group name to its new sizes. In my original project I have many of different groups and there are more upcomming. That is why I want to simpilfy this proces.

In Dynamo I have a plan to select one Group by using Select Model Element and set its name by the available Global Parameters with Element.SetName from the Clockwork package. But after multiple attempts, I get one warning (see attached image below).

  1. String.Concat (Warning: Asked to convert non-convertible types):

    When selecting a size from the GlobalParameter.Value dropdown List and connecting it to String.Concat it gives a value of ‘null’. Does anybody know why I get the ‘null’ value?

In onther example I removed the link between GlobalParameter.Value and String.Concat to see if I can change the Group his name. Even if the script shows no warnings at all, I still can’t manage to change the name of the selected Group. Does anybody know why the group name won’t change?

For the dynamo file see:
For the Revit file see:

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