Change family type of each category in the project

As shown in the object, I want to create a script which is ables to change the family type of each family of each category in the project.
I have created all the families with three types, that are named in the same way (CASE 1 - CASE 2 - CASE 3).
In this way I have all the families which have in common the name of the types.

Is it possible to do this?
Have you a script which is able to help me?

Thanks al lot

I can give you general instructions. If you run into trouble, please let me know.

Use the following nodes, about in this order:

All elements of category
Boolean Filter
Set Parameter by Name
Parameter: “Family and Type”
Value from:
Family Type by Name Node

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Hi and thanks for the reply!

I have done how you said, but the script gives me some problems in the last node that is “Element.SetParameterByName”.

I have done the script by these following step:
Categories->All Elements of Category->Element.Name (string)-> (str) String.Contains (bool) ->
(list) List.FilterByBoolMask (in) -> (element) Element.SetParameterByName
Family Types -> (parameterName) ElementSetParameterByName
FamilyType.ByFamilyAndName -> (value) ElementSetParameterByName

Have you some idea to solve it?


Sorry m.owens, but I have some problems with the code, as I have specified in the last post.
Can you help me?

Thanks so much

Can you show what you did already. Share the DYN or an picture?