Change Family parameter to shared parameter in ADSK family



Has anyone some advice on the following:

I am working on a case where I load an ADSK file from Autodesk Inventor into my Revit project and want to show certain parameters in a schedule. Unfortunately, except for the Built-in parameters, all the parameters in the ADSK file are family parameters.
I have a shared parameter file with the right parameters.
Is there an easy way to exchange the family parameter to a shared parameter and place the value of the family parameter into the shared parameter?

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can some of this help you?

These nodes work inside a family, so when you change a adsk element to a family you can retrieve data inside the family and transport them to the shared parameters you load into the family, before saving the result. Actions can be performed as all families in a directory.


Likely yes, though not all family parameters can be edited.

Element.GetParameterValueByName and Element.SetParameterByName can do this in the project environment, so long as the values and parameters are still there.