Change element IDs


I ran into this post at What Revit Wants and was having some issues. Not all of the elements change their IDs in the manner I was hoping. This is the project - so I need to change all of the element IDs of the strutural framing to be in increasing numerical order. After the forth beam, the element IDs no longer go in increasing order. I need them to be in increasing order so when we bring this into RISA the nodes will be in the correct order.






Am I understanding what you are trying to do correctly? From reading your post it looks like you are trying to change element ids. The post at WhatRevitWants is covering how to “set” the mark parameter = to the element ids. I do not believe there is a way to change an element’s id because that is it’s id to the end. (but I may be wrong)


Numbering the marks sequentially is very possible though.




true, but I also realized I missed some beams. I plan on re-trying this tomorrow and will post what I come up with.