Change all object style projection line weight 1 or 2 to 3

Hey Yall. I just did this all by hand on a previous project and am looking to make it easier this time around. In object styles, I want to grab all categories and subcategories with a projection line weight of a 1 or 2 and convert those to a 3. Can anybody help me with this? The more you can spell it out the better. I am not Dynamo literate. Thanks!

See if this gets you heading in the right direction, but seems like you need Genius Loci package.


Good opportunity to focus on getting dynamo literate. Necessity is the best driver for learning.

Sean’s thread should have all the answers but its not a simple task for a newcomer to dynamo. Suggest reading the primer and learning the basics at the least so you can modify basic code found on the forums to suit your needs.