Category from File in folder

Hi - having trouble getting this to work, maybe it can’t. I am collecting view types from the current documents (Area Plans) and counting the area lines in each view. It works for the current document but when I try to use views from another file (from a folder) I get the “viewid is not a view” error. Im assuming I will continue to get this type of error for other element and category types…

Select.ByCategoryAndView Folder.dyn (35.9 KB)

The select by category and view node doesn’t have a document input, and as such it is getting the content from the active document.

Okay, makes sense. Thanks.

Hi Jason,

The Genius Loci package has a bunch of nodes that work with document inputs.
This version of the SelectByCategoryAndView also works with linked views.

Select.ByCategoryAndView Folder V2.dyn (19.1 KB)

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