Can't find specific node (RebarShape.byName)

I am looking for a node called RebarShape.byName which I’ve seen used in a guide on YouTube. Although I also found it mentioned in a previous thread here, I am not able to locate it.

Does any of you know if I have to download a specific package to get it? Or is it just missing for me from the standard library?

Hello @Hobbylevel - welcome to the Dynamo Community :wave:

That particular node may have been for an older version - and renamed since. Would you be able to take a screenshot of the graph in question from that Youtube link so we can see what data is flowing through the graph? Or a link to said youtube video :smiley:

Thank you, and of course! The specific node can be seen at 1:26 in this video:

At the second lowest row in the blue group.

Hello @Hobbylevel -

Can you please try the Structural Design package by Tomasz Fudala? :slight_smile:

The node can be found in the package BIM4Struc.Rebar. Marking the case as solved.

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