Cannot find "Print setting" and "Printer" node in Archi-lab

why cannot i find these two nodes in any version of Archi-Lab??!!
I ve even tried the lastest to the oldest, all versions of Archi-lab, please help me find it or send .dyf files here! :frowning:
“Print Setting” and “Printer”

Hi @uaftab.cem19,

The language of this nodes is C# so there are no .dyf nodes in python but a dll.
You can find the code here :


sorry i don’t know how to get any node from hithub format, kindly elaborate in steps.

You can download the source code but not the nodes one by one.

I don’t understand your request. What is your goal ?
Do you want to create your own nodes ? To do this, use a code snippet in a Python node.

This archilab nodes are contained in this .dll :

yes my goal is to get these two custom nodes and i ve no idea how to get .dll file and where to copy it to get these nodes in my dynamo!!

okay so ive this .dll file in the bin. what do i wanna do with it? whats a code snippet ? sorry i am nube in this.

@JacobSmall @Mark.Ackerley can you help?! or send .dyf!

Your not listening, there isn’t a DYF to send. It is a custom node embedded into a compiled .dll file for Zero Touch Nodes.


you are not reading either, i dont know how to use .dll in my dynamo! please provide step by step procedure! otherwise there is no need to be rude

Try to download old archi-lab package, don’t know which version though or try below

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yes thats what i need, thanks a lot.

i also need a “printer” node to process into print to pdf node, where can i find that?

these are the two versions on, none of them has this node. :confused:
please upload this .dyf :star_struck:
Uploading: image.png…]()

Please stop asking this repeatedly. It’s just cluttering the board and discouraging people from helping you. Remember everyone you interact with here is volunteering to help, so if you come off as pushy or demanding you’re only hurting yourself.

There is no DYF to upload; Archilab is almost entirely zero touch or other ‘hard coded’ node method. All of the nodes can be found from the package manager. I recommend using the in product version of package manager to be sure you get the right versions installed correctly. If you can’t use that be sure to unzip the download with 7zip or manually unblock all the dlls or some (or even all) nodes will not show up.



I do have something similar in Archilab, 2021.25.14 is that what you’re after?

As Jacob says, we are volunteers on here, so please forgive us if sometimes there isn’t the response of a company forum.

I understand your frustration at not being able to track it down, this is the benefit / risk of using packages built by volunteers, for free, for our use.

Best of luck,