Can you extrude grid intersections in Revit and project onto a face above?

Can you extrude grid intersection points in Revit and project onto a face above? I want to be able to locate where these projection lines touch the face and export the XYZ coordinates into Excel. Thanks in advance for any suggestions.Piramal Roof

The “Point.Project” node will do all the work for you(note the lacing I’m using), once you have the intersection points. Writing to excel has changed a bit in the last release - you now need to provide a boolean at the bottom:


There are a few more examples of projecting points and writing to excel. Check out some of the older posts in the forum.

Hey thanks a lot for the help. Haven’t tried this yet due to workload but am sure this works great. I had tried a different method to achieve the desired result eventually before posting this query. But yours definitely looks straightforward unlike mine which looks pretty convoluted. Will share my definition screen shot soon :slight_smile:

Also thanks a lot for that section line answer too :slight_smile:

hey, i wanna do the same as you did. Can you help me sharing that script plz

i need to do the same as asked in this question. Can you help by sharing code