Can we modify Grid 2D extension override using Python and API?

As we know, Grids have 3D extent and a 2D extent override in views. I want to be able to bulk modify the 2D extent for given views. For example, lets say it is 12mm now, I want to be able to reduce it by 6mm. I don’t know if the API can address this property (Grid / per view), but if it can we should be able to do it in Dynamo and then do it in bulk? Any ideas appreciated.


In 2015, that is not possible with the API. In 2016 though, some new methods came out that should make that possible. (See below). I have not yet tried as the majority of my projects are still 2015, but I’m hopeful these methods will allow me to do exactly what you are asking about. Keep us posted on your progress (2d grid extents are a major pain point…)





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Hi Luke and Ben,
You guys got any solution for the same? I am looking for something exactly like this. A major pain specially considering we have multiple views of the same plans at same scales and due to the size of the project I have some 25 odd tiles on a single level. So the amount of work needed for the 2D Grid extension is momentous.
Lemme know if you guys have something!

Not very Dynamo I know, but there’s an app that’ll do that - no, I don’t know the developer or get anything from sharing.

Just make sure you dl the correct version.

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Hi Elton Thank you so much.
Though not the perfect solution for what I am looking but makes life much easier.
Thanks Again