Building lists of lists from other lists of lists

That’s a lot of lists in the topic name, but I think that explains it! Here’s what I’m after:


Any ideas how one can achieve this without Python? I basically want to lace one sub-list with another sub-list and create nested lists with pairs in each. Any help is greatly appreciated, thanks in advance!

Well, seems like I figured out a way but I’m not sure it’s the most efficient. I resized the short list to match the size of the longer list of lists, then joined and transposed. Just seems harder than it should be!




Sorry, the last list must be “flatten (1)”

Thanks for your solution, I learned something new :slight_smile:

This is about matching up Items and Lists.



Ahhh thanks Zac, Grasshopper still learning here :slight_smile:

Thanks for your solution Leo. As they way, more than one way to skin a cat (meowww!).

Here’s Leo’s example with a slight modification and using the same datasets above. I’m still learning how to use nodes as functions, so this was a good example of using List.OfRepeatedItem for that purpose. Zac’s example uses yet another node as a function and is more direct and short.


Oops, I made a minor change in the end to clean up the graph and didn’t notice I messed out the output. Since this forum doesn’t allow editing after a very short time following the post, I’m reposting the correct image below.


Sorry to Zombie an “oldish” thread … but I’ve come across a different way of accomplishing it. Not particularly different from Zach’s method, but I don’t need to reverse each sublist at the end.


Oh cool, thanks for the tip! I like that, but I’m still struggling a little with visualizing the result of combinators & functions. Great to have another example.