Building Dynamo from source in Visual Studio

Hello @Michal_Dengusiak, did you use as a guide for building this? :slight_smile:

install .net 4.7 sdk - this is not the same as 4.7.2

I already have installed:

no you don’t - 4.7 is not checked, unless you sent the wrong screenshot?

In addition I’ve seen reports that even installing 4.7 framework in some setups still gives you the missing resgen error -which is confusing indeed. In that case I might try installing windows 8 sdk /net framework 3.5 sdk

On my testing with brand new windows 10 vms all that was required was vs 2019, .net 4.7, but of course there are many other variables.

ok thanks will try adding 4.7

it does not work, seems it is VS bug already logged, so I use these steps