Bounding box shape not rectangular


I sometimes want to split up my building into different worksets. I want to split it up by a given geometry.
The way I did it was using a “Bounding Box”. A Bounding Box works fine as long as your shape is rectangular. How about when it’s not? Unfortunately the Geomtry.BoundingBox and the BoundingBox.ByGeometry nodes only return a rectangular shape using the extends of a given geometry as seen in the picture below. I found the Bounding Box shap using the BoundingBox.ToCuboid node. What should I do to give the Bounding Box it’s correct shape?
Especially for more complex forms.

Use another geometry. Bounding boxes by definition are axis aligned. Scope boxes rotate just fine and can be named in Revit to inform what workset you want to use.

What do you mean by another geometry? Scope boxes are also always rectangular right? I would like a free form.

look into a convex hull perhaps, I think ampersand has this in 3 dimensions.

I delve in very similar issues and what I’ve implemented in springs is something called a minimal area rectangle (green vs the red bounding box):


Check it out and see if it meets your needs. The ampersand package has a similar node but I needed something that can operate fast on many objects.


Yes scope boxes are rectangular but can rotate and serve additional purposes in Revit to aid in documentation.

If you need something completely unique you will have to build a sketch for it from either points in Dynamo, or as a sketch element (maybe a filled region?) in Revit. Those will then need to be converted to Dynamo lines and extruded to get the unique shape you’re after.