Boundary Curves

Hi All,


Is it possible to make a surface out of a series of boundary curves?


Is it possible to create an if/then statement sorting points that occur inside and outside of a polygon or boundary?







Hi Chris,

You could use custom node in order not to repeat same sub-graph.

I would like to understand usage scenarios for resulting Face object if possible.



Hi Lev,

I have attached the image of the curves highlighted in red. These curves are coplanar. I have used the extrude and explode method to single out the surface in the past. It just seems that a single node would make this easier as this is something that I have used frequently.


Hi Chris, could you post a picture of surface you are trying to make?

On point sorting: there is Face.IsInside method in Revit API. You would need to extrude curve loop, get face of the extrusion and use this method on the face to tell if point is inside in a custom python node.

I will add request for adding such node to request db.