Boosting geometric calculation speed

I have a huge list of points and curves,Where I have to run “does intersects node” between each point and all lines.I have around 300 points and 800 lines thus making the graph never complete.

creating a bounding box around points and lines helped to increase the speed but its still takes 30-40 mins for each run.

my goal is to check for intersection of lines with every point and hence find the adjacent points.

as in the image it has to generate around 3 lakh outputs for a simple grid of 7x7x7.

Please let me know if you have any idea that uses less of computation power.

Have a look at #bimorph nodes :slight_smile:

You should be able to acheive some serious speed improvements. :fast_forward:

This is intersting.! I shall give a try on Monday as soon as i reach office thanks.

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@Ewan_Opie thanks,It really helps but I am still programming to create a sphere on each point and calculating the intersection,you have any idea to minimize the time to create unwanted geometries.

I don’t see a node in the package which gives bool results for geometry to geometry intersection or boundingbox to boundingbox intersection will be happy to see @Thomas_Mahon adding this to package though.

The best I am able to do now is convert all curves to model element run the clash and delete later.