Boolean Toggle with If Node: Empty.List should be the result

Hi all,
I use Dynamo 2.0.3 and Revit 2018.3.
I want to create a boolean switch. If the switch is on true, it should output a List from the output of the node “List.Transpose” with values. If the switch is on false, it should use output an empty list.

The problem is, that if I use List.Empty, and the boolean is on true, the list is not the output


001_ersterVersuch.dyn (144.9 KB)

And another question: If I use “null” instead of List.empty, why is Dynamo using the list structure of the true input ?


Thank you,

Hi all,RunMeOrOutputEmptyList.dyf (6.7 KB)
I could solve it by adjusting a node by @Julien_Benoit1