Block Reference Create (rorationDegrees in Z and Y axis)


How to do Block Reference Create with rotation values? I successfully did the Z rotation value and I want also to input rotation value based on the grade of the carriageway or any parameters on my subassembly.

Hi @cellona_jGEAPL,

Use BlockReference.ByCoordinateSystem instead. Then you can rotate the coordinate system as needed.

Thanks, but can this rotate the coordinate system of the block? I am new in dynamo, I just followed along some youtube videos and I am stuck with this… :sweat_smile: Not sure if I am getting this right.

You’re on the right track. The rotation you want for carriageway slope is around the Y-axis of each coordinate system. So the inputs for the rotation node are the coordinate system origin (like you have) and then CoordinateSystem.YAxis for the axis of rotation.

You could also look at this: